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5 Things That CBD Can't Do: #4

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

#4 CBD does not get you high!

Welcome to the fourth blog in our series: 5 Things that CBD doesn't do. If you missed 1-3 check them out here:

CBD cannot get you high. For some of you that may be a bad thing and for others that will be a good thing. We don’t judge! We just want you to know the facts about CBD.

While CBD does affect the brain in that it helps manage symptoms of anxiety, depression, and concussions. CBD does not change the user’s perception of reality. Many individuals and companies are touting CBD as a non-psychoactive product, that description is, in fact, inaccurate since it does affect brain function in many positive ways.

“Researchers have demonstrated that CBD confers antipsychotic, anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing), and antidepressant effects. If CBD can relieve anxiety or depression or psychosis, then obviously cannabidiol is a profound mood-altering substance, even if it doesn’t deliver much by way of euphoria. Perhaps it would be better to say that CBD is “not psychoactive like THC,” rather than repeating the familiar and somewhat misleading refrain that “CBD is not psychoactive.”

THC (the cannabinoid prevalent in marijuana) is the cause of the “high” effect associated with smoking marijuana. Hemp-derived CBD products can legally contain .3% THC, which isn’t enough THC to create a high. At 406 CBD our products have that little bit of THC removed to the point of not being detectable on lab tests, so there is no worry of failing a drug test with trace amounts of THC.

Many CBD users report a reduction of stress, anxiety, depression, and pain, but not an added “feeling” of anything. It doesn’t make you feel a certain way. CBD reduces uncomfortable feelings instead of adding anything new to your perceptions.

If you have tried 406 CBD, head on over to our testimonials link and share your experience! Your story can help others!

Love & Light

Heidi The Hempress

See the 5th and final post in this series here:

To purchase all natural, organic, THC-free CBD go to the 406 Shop!

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