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Grab Life by the Plant!
Lesson #3
Get the Most Benefit From Your CBD
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Everything you need to know about CBD.

“I do not normally do this, but I’m going to make an exception. I have suffered greatly with fibromyalgia. For over the last year I have had to deal with life altering pain every moment. Over the counter drugs only made me want to give up and end it all. Being a very skeptical person, I do not believe most of what people say, but, I recently came to the point, wither I find something that helped, or I was going to spend the rest of my life at home. People had tried to get me to try CBD oil but I wasn’t going to spend the rest of my life high either. Finally, I did some research and discovered that CBD oil does not have any of the stuff that makes you high, and most is made from hemp plant that has nothing to do with “pot” at all. Finally, I broke down and decided to try some. Well, let me just say this…One month later I am almost completely pain-free. I have completely stopped taking prescription drugs, do not have to take sleep pills now just to get through the night, and my frame of mind is so much more clearer and happier. I don’t know if it works like this for everyone, but for me, it’s been a blessing. IF you’re going through something similar, give Heid a call and try it out. I’m glad I did.”


                P.D. CBD Customer

“CBD helps with pain, stress, and anxiety. It has all the benefits of cannabis, but without the high.”

        -Jennifer Aniston

In Lessons #1 and #2 we went over what CBD is, why its amazing for health, and why hemp is such a cool plant as well as the societal implications of legalized hemp and CBD. We also explained how to choose a high-quality CBD product and a CBD company that you can trust.


In Lesson #3 I am going to teach you How to get the most out of your CBD supplement for the least amount of money. I will talk about how to dose and give you 10 TIPS and TRICKS to set yourself up for success. I will also give the 4 reasons you should not take CBD.

PLUS a surprise Bonus!

How Much Should I Take?

How to dose.

Since I am not a doctor or a pharmacist. I am not allowed to prescribe dosages. I can, however, suggest a serving size, to begin with. That suggested serving size varies by the product but can be found on the packaging label.


Dosages of CBD depend on a lot of variables including body weight, current health condition, and desired effects. You can’t overdose on CBD and there have been ZERO CBD fatalities! As always, check with your health care provider to be on the safe side. 


The general rule of thumb is to start with a low dose and gradually increase over time until the desired effects are obtained. That way you aren’t taking more than you need and wasting valuable product and money. Depending on the person and the state of their Endocannabinoid System a perfect dose could be anywhere from 3mg to 50mg-or even higher.


More is not always better! You may have better results with a lower dose so it is very important to keep track of how much you are taking, how you are feeling, and play around with serving sizes until you find your individual sweet spot. Give each serving size about a weeks trial before changing it up. If you experience headaches or fatigue back off your dose a little bit. If you experience an allergic reaction discontinue use right away.

10 Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most from your CBD Supplement.

  1. Combine with Melatonin.

This is a great tip for people using CBD as a sleep aid. Melatonin is a natural hormone secreted by the body’s pineal gland that, among other things, is known to help regulate the sleep-wake cycle. This may be a good idea to try if you’ve been using CBD for help sleeping.


  2. Combine with other antioxidants and anti-inflammatory supplements and foods.

Now that we know CBD is an amazing anti-inflammatory supplement why not create some powerhouse combos that our bodies will thank us for! Combine your CBD with some of your favorites such as turmeric or wolfberries.


  3. Follow Directions:

I am sure this seems a little obvious but many people bypass the label suggestions and go right to customizing their supplement plan. Unless you are working with a doctor, don't do this. Start with the recommended serving and give your body time to adjust before adding more.


  4. Create a Routine:

Take your CBD at the same time and place every day. Set it by your coffee pot or on your nightstand so you see it and remember to take it. Consistency is key. I recommend taking 2-3 small doses throughout the day for the best results.


  5. Add CBD to food and drinks:

Get creative! There are tons of ways to incorporate CBD into your diet. I like to make CBD infused cocktails and snacks such as CBD infused spiced nuts or veggie dip. (Check out the bonus recipes below!)


  6. Make sure you are using a bioavailable CBD.

An isolate CBD that is nano-amplified and water-soluble will be more available to your cells and be taken up more efficiently by your ECS receptors. This means you can take less CBD and get greater results. By using a nano-amplified CBD you won't be wasting product and money.


  7. Combine with other cannabinoids.

The entourage effect is an interesting phenomenon where the various cannabinoids boost each other and compliment their effects. CBD does work well on its own but the sum is greater than the individual. You can benefit from the entourage effect by using a broad or full spectrum CBD product. 


  8. Try other CBD products for increased convenience.

CBD products come in all shapes and sizes. Find what works for you! I like to carry CBD candies in my purse when traveling. I take them if I get a headache or airsickness. Some people love CBD lotions for dry, itchy skin and rashes. I have applied CBD salve for headaches and muscles aches. I have clients that prefer a CBD vape for fast-acting relief for anxiety attacks. CBD mints, patches, gummies, salves, bath bombs, and vapes may have a perfect place in your routine.


  9. Give it consistency and time.

I have said it before but it bears repeating. CONSISTENCY IS KEY. Sure, some people have great results the first time they try CBD but most people need to take it for 30-90 days to give it a fair trial. That is because it takes that long for your bodies cells to renew. Take it every day for 30-90 days before deciding whether it is working for you.


  10. Keep track with a journal.

In order to find your perfect dose or "sweet spot" I always recommend keeping a journal or notebook where you can jot down how much CBD you take, when you take it, and how you feel that day. Most of us can't remember what we had for breakfast much less how we felt 2 weeks ago. We also tend to not notice the absence of pain or discomfort until it comes back.

4 Reasons NOT to Take CBD.

CBD is not for you if:


1. Your doctor or pharmacist has indicated a prescription you are currently taking may interact with CBD.


2. You are allergic to cannabis or any other ingredient in the products.


3. The CBD is a low-quality product which may be contaminated with heavy metals, microbiological, or solvents.


4. The CBD is derived from marijuana and not hemp depending on the legalities of your state.



Take your Health Back and Start Loving Life Again!

CBD is a fast-moving and ever-changing industry. Our science is just beginning to understand it's health benefits. The social and environmental impact that Hemp will have on this country is promising to say the least.


It is important to know the sourcing and quality control information when choosing a CBD product. To find this info you need to be dealing with a transparent company with good manufacturing practices and high integrity business procedures.


CBD is not a cure-all and isn’t for everyone. But, thousands of people have transformed their health and improved their lives by supplementing with CBD. But, the only way it works is if you use it. Is your health and quality of life worth it? That is ultimately up to you.



If your mental health, emotional health, or physical health isn’t as vibrant as you wish it was it might just be that your endocannabinoid system is depleted…maybe even starving. Feed your body and brain the nutrients they need so that you can have the energy and passion for life again to go out and to the things that you love. Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Start loving life again!


I am so passionate about hemp and CBD that I started 406 CBD, a Montana based company that provides high-quality CBD products and education. We are officially launching next week! We have a limited initial product line and are going to be offering an extraordinary Launch pricing special for launch week only! I will give you the details for that in my next email.


Have more questions? Check out our Frequently Ask Questions page:

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