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Detoxifying with Bentonite Clay

Our Deep Relief CBD-infused Bath Bombs have more than CBD in them! They also have bentonite clay, which is abundant here in Montana, and has amazing detoxifying and healing properties.

We are blessed to have bentonite clay deposits here in Montana on our property and love to enjoy some detoxifying clay baths skyclad! This experience is extremely grounding and soothing.

Sometimes you have to get a little dirty to get really clean.

After days on end of sitting in front of a computer I was feeling the effects of an extreme lack of self care. I hiked to a clay deposit on our property and soaked in the calming and restorative energies of the land by striping down naked and bathing in the clay. There wasn't a twig or grain of sand in this deposit. It was pure, silky, smooth, bentonite clay.

Bentonite clay has a smooth silky texture. It not only feels great on the skin but it actually absorbs heavy metals, toxins, chemicals, and impurities.

This is due to its negative ionic charge when wet. The negative charge bonds with the positive charge of many toxins pulling them from the body and releasing minerals for the body to use instead. Bentonite also helps oxygenate the cells by pulling hydrogen from the cells which they then replace with oxygen.

After my Earth Goddess style bath I hiked back to the house wearing nothing but my boots and bentonite clay. As the clay dried on my body it pulled out toxins and protected me from biting bugs. After bathing in the rain barrel and then a shower I felt like a new woman. Not only was my skin smooth and soothed but my energy felt grounded and calm.

Before the shock of how incredibly weird I may be sets in, consider that clay poultices are commonly used as face masks. Most people are familiar with how absorptive and wonderful they are for cleaning out pores. My daughter and I collect our clay in a small bucket and keep it in our bathroom for weekly facials. Also, many spas offer a mud bath experience for premium prices.

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of Bentonite Clay!

Don't fret if you don't have a natural clay deposit on your property or can't make it to a high end spa for an expensive mud dip! You can give your body this experience and more at home with our CBD and essential oil infused bath bombs! They also contain bentonite clay, and therapeutic salts and minerals.

How do you like to connect with Earth energies? What are your favorite detoxing and grounding techniques? I would love to hear them. Comment below!


Heidi the Hempress

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