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Grab Life by the Plant!

Everything you need to know about CBD.

Friends don't let friends

buy crappy CBD.

You don't have to buy my brand. I just firmly believe that



Hi, I am Heidi the Hempress (a self-appointed title)

and with many years of experience within the health and wellness industry, I am excited to offer you a free training series about hemp-derived CBD. 


Along with my husband, Dan, we have over 45 years of business experience and together we are launching 406 CBD. We are beyond excited to bring the highest quality CBD products, provide knowledge, and empower you to take your health back!


While working with customers and clients I have come across the same questions over and over. I want to share the answers with you! Sign up below to get this valuable FREE training series delivered right to your inbox.

Become an CBD industry insider!

Why CBD?

  • I am incredibly passionate about cannabis because I have witnessed how it can change lives. 

  • I know about the astounding improvements that organic hemp can provide for our health and the Earth's health. 

  • The emerging stats on the implications of the effects cannabis can have on our country's opioid crisis are mind-blowing! 

What the Hemp is this training going to cover?

Through a series of trainings you will learn:

Sourcing the best CBD products.

Whether it is with our company, or another, find out the 3 questions to ask a potential CBD company to make sure that you are getting the best CBD available.

How to dose.

Find out how to find the perfect serving size for you and be able to guide others to find their custom dose as well.

How does CBD work?

How does one product do so much? It's not magic. Learn about the secret our bodies have been keeping from us.

CBD Terms and Definitions

Don't let industry jargon intimidate you! We have a running list of cannabis terms and their definitions so you can speak with confidence.

Plus, Suprise Bonus Materials!

-Including recipes and personal stories.

You are probably wondering why I am doing all of this for free...

The cannabis industry is rife with misinformation, social stigma, and sketchy business practices. My goal here is to shine light on the truths about hemp and CBD.


I want to share quality education with the world and give consumers the power of discernment and knowledge.

Knowledge is Power! Take your health back.


Grab Life By the Plant!

-Love, Heidi the Hempress

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