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Your CBD Questions-Answered! Part 2

You asked for it!

Thank you everyone for your question submissions! In this blog, I am going to go over the questions that weren’t addressed in the Grab Life by the Plant 3-part lesson series or just questions that are worth going over again. There were so many questions that I am creating two blogs in response. This is part two.

Will CBD hide symptoms of an illness?

This is a good question. It is possible for CBD to ease the symptoms of an illness which could be considered “hiding” them but the symptoms would come right back when the CBD was discontinued. If you think a medical condition is possible work with your doctor.

What dose is appropriate for different body weight?

Interestingly, with CBD dosing, body weight isn’t the main factor. The state of the endocannabinoid system is what determines the most appropriate dose. That is why we recommend everyone start with a low dose and slowly increase over time until the desired results are obtained.

How long does it take to work?

This also varies as it depends on the person and the state of their health and particular issues. Some people see results right away, while others may take up to 3 months. The key to success is consistency.

Will it help boost my metabolism?

There have been a couple studies that show promise for CBD and metabolism benefits but more research needs to be done before any conclusive claims can be made.

How do you use it? What claims can we make about it?

There are multiple ways to use CBD including ingesting it, sublingually, inhaling, suppositories, and topically. As far as medical claims, we can’t make any. We can say that CBD helps support healthy function of the bodily systems.

Maybe something about determining what is the right dosage. I get confused with 100ml, 250ml, 500ml etc.

The millegram on the CBD bottle refers to the total amount of CBD in the container. You can then divide out the size of the container by the number of servings to ascertain the dosage amount.

Children taking it for anxiety...

Moodiness and anxiety have been known to ease with the use of CBD. This is thanks to the hormone balancing properties of hemp which is an adaptogenic herb. That means it helps the bodies systems achieve homeostasis. Both of my teenagers love their CBD.

We just got a veterinary publication about use of CBD in animals for anxiety...

Animals have endocannabinoid systems too! Dogs, cats, and horses all have been found to benefit from CBD. While research is needed preliminary findings show that CBD has many of the same effects on our furry friends as it does humans.

I have read a number of articles and still wonder what is the best way to determine the best company to work with.

This is a common concern. Unfortunately, with the surge of new CBD companies there are bad as well as good products and companies out there. There are a number of ways to find the company and product that is right for you. Ask to see the product’s Certificates of Analysis. Check out the companies customer service, guarantees, and philanthropic work. See if the company offers education and interaction with its customers. Look for testimonials or referrals from happy customers.

What is the standard treatment cycle? In other words, is it something I will always need to take or is there a point where the results will last without use of the products?

This depends on the health conditions being managed. The more severe and lasting the issue the longer the usage of CBD may be required.

Because hemp CBD is unregulated, I am hesitant to order or buy a product due to "mislabeling" of actual amounts of CBD.

This does happen. That is why it is smart to ask to view the products Certificate of Analysis. Some companies will even have a QR code on their packaging that will take you to the documentation. You can also go to some watchdog websites and see what their surprise product testing reveals! Over time, the companies that are using deceptive business practices will be brought to light for ineffective products and bad consumer reports. The companies offering stellar products and customer service will rise to the top.

Heidi, will your company be a multi level marketing company or wholesale/retail?

406 CBD is a retail company that also offers wholesale accounts. We are working on an affiliate program as well. We have no plans to ever create a multi level marketing affiliate program.

I get asked all the time if they will get high or addicted.

This is a common misconception. While THC is the cannabinoid that is responsible for the “high” associated with marijuana, the cannabis cousin to hemp, hemp by legal definition contains .3% THC or less. Our CBD products are then refined to remove any trace amounts of THC. CBD does not create a high and it was deemed non addictive by the WHO.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page as well for more great info!


Heidi the Hempress

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