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Yoga & CBD

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

with Guest Blogger Sarita Cantu

Any Bodhisattva will agree that combining yoga and CBD are perfect partners. Actually, I don't know any legit Bodhisattvas but my friend Sarita Cantu is a great yogi and awesome human so I consulted her on this topic. She joyfully offered to create a custom yoga flow just for us!

But first, what are the benefits of incorporating CBD into your yoga routine?

  1. Muscle Recovery: CBD reduces inflammation and relieves the aches and soreness that can come from physical exertion. Because of this both internal and topical CBD products have become a go-to product for athletes and weekend warriors alike. From Ashtanga to Restorative Yoga, CBD can aid in the development and progression of your poses.

  2. Stress Relief: Yoga and CBD both help to bring about homeostasis or normalize the bodies systems by bringing them back into balance. They both affect our hormones and systems in a beneficial manner which has been show to reduce how the body and mind manage stress. Combining them is doubly effective.

  3. Mindfulness: Yoga has long been touted as an amazing way to calm the mind while working the body. Likewise, CBD can help with focus. Together, yoga and CBD can get you out of your "monkey mind" and back into the fore-brain for higher cognitive functioning.

  4. Anxiety and Depression Relief: Exercise has been clinically proven to reduce depression and anxiety. Combining exercise with CBD can help give you that boost you need to get on that mat!

  5. Ritual and Routine: Humans are creatures of habit. The more we can create ritual or routine into our self-care and health practices the more successful we will be with consistency and therefore meeting personal wellness goals.

4 Step Yoga & CBD Ritual:

Before beginning any yoga routine I have a few things I like to do so that I can focus and sink deep into the flow.

First, I pick up my area so that clutter or things on the floor don't distract me while I am on my mat.

Second, I dab some of my favorite essential oils on my wrists and thymus to help me open up my sinuses for Pranayama and raise my vibe. I like peppermint or Raven blend for a Hatha session, lavender or Valor blend for a Yin session. But, use what ever calls to you for that day. (Remember that some oils my require a carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut depending on the sensitivity of your skin)

Third, I take my daily CBD Drops under my tongue and hold it for 10 seconds to help it absorb before swallowing.

Fourth, I set an intention for my practice. (This is a good time for a quick prayer if you are so inclined)

Now I will turn it over to Sarita. Enjoy this gentle practice!

Love & Light,

Heidi the Hempress


Yoga is an excellent and easy way to relieve stress, today especially. Any yoga practice is a good practice. It doesn’t matter how long it lasts or how many poses you do, all that matters is you do it.

Zero experience is required. Yoga is for everybody and EVERY body. I fell in love with yoga because of this. I can teach or take any type of class and it doesn’t matter how long it has been since I hit the mat or how long it has been since you have hit the mat. You can be a veteran or brand new and you can still feel all of the benefits.

Below is an easy flow that will surely settle your mind and your body.

Find a comfortable seat, preferably with your hips slightly higher than your legs. You can sit on a block or a blanket.

Close your eyes and place your hands comfortably in your lap.

Focus on your breath, do not change anything about it, just feel the air come in and out of your nose.

Take 10 unchanged breaths.

Now we will move into alternate nasal breaths. This exercise will lower your heart rate, improve your respiratory functions and increase your endurance, it is also believed to relieve stress and anxiety.

  • Exhale completely.

  • Keep your eyes closed.

  • Leave your left hand in your lap and with your right thumb close your right nostril.

  • Inhale through your left nostril for the count of 5.

  • With your pointer and middle fingers close your left nostril and exhale out of your right nostril for the count of 5.

  • Keeping your left nostril closed inhale through your right nostril for the count of 5.

  • Close your right nostril with your thumb and exhale out your left nostril for the count of 5.

  • Keeping your right nostril closed inhale through your left nostril for the count of 5.

  • Repeat for 5-10 rounds.

  • After you have finished keep your eyes, gently place both hands back in your lap, and come back to your regular breath.

  • Breathe for 5-10 more inhales and exhales.

Gently open your eyes and come onto all fours, tabletop.

Thread the needle:

  • Reach your right arm out to the side and weave it in-between your left wrist and left knee.

  • Gently bring your right ear to the ground.

  • Breathe for 10 breaths.

  • Switch sides

  • Reach your left arm out to the side and weave it in-between your right wrist and right knee.

  • Gently bring your left ear to the ground.

  • Breathe for 10 breaths.

Come back to all fours and push back into child’s pose.

  • Breathe here for 10-20 breaths.

Come back to all fours.


  • Move through 7-10 rounds of cat/cow

  • Slowly move through each movement holding in any spot that feels good in your body.

  • Come back to neutral spine and push back to downward facing dog.

Downward Facing Dog:

  • Walk your dog by slowly bending your right knee any amount and then your left.

  • Move back and forth bending one knee at a time for 10 rounds.

  • After 10 rounds come back to your downward dog and hold in stillness for 5 breaths.

Ragdoll forward fold:

  • Walk forward to the top of your mat and fold forward grabbing opposite elbows.

  • Let your neck be soft and head be heavy.

  • Hold here for 20 breaths.

  • Release your arms and slowly roll up, one vertebrate at time, to standing.

Standing Pose:

  • In standing pose close your eyes.

  • With your eyes closed do a body scan.

  • Start at your toes and slowly move up your body and notice how it feels.

  • Open your eyes after you have reached your toes and the top of your head.

Downward Facing Dog:

  • From standing pose reach your arms up over heard.

  • Gaze up to the sky.

  • Inhale.

  • Exhale forward fold.

  • Inhale halfway lift and press your palms into your shins.

  • Exhale forward fold.

  • Inhale and plant your hands on the ground and step back to plank.

  • Exhale and push back to downward facing dog.

Low Lunge Movement: Focus on your breath in this flow. Follow it, hold areas longer that feel good to you.

  • Move your hands a little closer to each other.

  • Inhale and bring your right foot forward on the outside of your right hand.

  • Exhale and drop you back knee.

  • Inhale and pull your chest, ever so slightly, forward past your arms.

  • Exhale step back to downward facing dog.

  • Inhale and bring your left foot forward on the outside of your left hand.

  • Exhale drop your back knee.

  • Inhale and pull your chest, ever so slightly, forward past your arms.

  • Exhale and step back to downward facing dog.

  • Repeat 3-5 times on each side.

  • After 3-5 rounds push back to downward facing dog.

Half Pigeon Pose:

  • From downward facing dog bring your right foot forward. Meet your right ankle with your left wrist and your right knee with your right wrist. (Your shin does not need to be parallel to the front of your mat. Find a position that feels comfortable.)

  • Gently fold forward over your front leg. (You can rest your forehead on your hands, or stack your fists, or use a block to bring the floor up to you.)

  • 10-20 breaths here.

  • Switch sides.

Seated Twists:

  • Find yourself in a comfortable seat with your legs crossed in front of you.

  • Take your right hand and place it above your left knee.

  • Use the pads of your left fingers as a kickstand and place them on the ground behind you.

  • Gaze over your left shoulder.

  • Breathe for 10-20 breaths.

  • Switch sides.

Seated Forward Fold:

  • Stretch both legs straight out in front of you.

  • Flex your toes back towards your shins.

  • Reach your arms and fingertips toward your toes.

  • Without rounding your back fold at your hips over your legs.

  • Drop your chin to your chest.

  • Breathe for 20 breaths.

  • Slowly roll back up to a seated position.

Reclined Spinal Twist (Supine Twist):

  • From a seated position with your legs still stretched out in front of you slowly lower onto your back.

  • Hug both knees into your chest.

  • Release your left leg so it is long on your mat.

  • Squeeze your right knee into your armpit, hold for two full breaths.

  • Drop your knee over the left side of your body.

  • Be sure to keep both of your shoulders flat on the ground.

  • Your right knee does not need to touch the ground.

  • Gaze is over your right shoulder.

  • Breathe for 20 breaths.

  • Switch sides.

Savansana (Final Resting Pose):

  • After you have completed both sides of your reclined spinal twist hug both knees into your chest.

  • Pull your forehead up to meet your knees.

  • Flex every muscle in your body.

  • Inhale fully.

  • Exhale completely and release fully onto your back letting go of your knees and resting your head on the ground.

  • Let your breath return to its normal cadence.

  • Let your mind go.

  • Come into complete stillness.

  • Stay here forever… 2 minutes at least.

-Sarita Cantu, CYT


Sarita Cantu is a graduate of MSU Bozeman, an Marketing Manager at Smith Gardens, and Certified Yoga Instructor of Baptiste Yoga and Power Yoga Academy. She lives in Bozeman, MT with her husband and their adorable son.


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