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My cup runneth over.

2019 has been an amazing whirlwind of activity, emotions, problems, solutions, and growth!

Here is a recap:

Launched 406 CBD. (Tinctures, cream, capsules)

Launched Bathbombs.

Launched Gummy Worms.

Launched Salves and Lip Balm.

Partnered with 13 retailers.

Published 28 blog posts.

11 Videos made.

Sent 69 customer emails. (Subscribe here.)

37 bathbombs used in the name of science.

Published 783 social media posts.

5 live vendor events attended.

647 Million new product ideas percolating!

and we are just getting geared up...

I am incredibly grateful for everyone's support including my friends, family, customers and business partners.

Cheers to a successful New Year where we can all-

Grab Life by the Plant!


Heidi Tungesvick

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