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Montana Proud

"There are two kinds of people in the world, those who live in Montana and those who wish they lived in Montana."


All our products are made here from pure USDA certified organic Montana-grown hemp-derived CBD. We are proud to be registered with Made in Montana!

Montana is known for its hard-working people who value integrity above all else. Deals are made on a handshake. A person's word is worth more than gold. I am a 4th generation Montanan descended down from a line of robust homesteaders that settled the West. The world today is a very different place than it was 150 years ago but my husband and I are raising our children here to continue these values.

We are a family-owned business located in the heart of Montana and are proud to bring you THC-free, high-quality products derived from the best ingredients.

We couldn't be more proud of our products which include tinctures, salves, gummies, capsules, cream, lip balm, coffee, and bath bombs.

Have our products delivered to your doorstep via our website.

Have questions about our products? Feel free to get in touch with me!

Heidi Tungesvick, CEO

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