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How to Spot Low-Quality CBD from 50 Paces!

In our last blog, we discussed why ingredients matter. The ingredients in your CBD products can not only make or break the taste and smell of the products, but they can also hinder or increase the efficacy.

In this blog, we are going to show you some of the red flags to watch out for with CBD companies.

Yes, we will be throwing some SHADE here!

We know that we are far from unbiased on this topic, but we would like to share with you this important industry insider information! There are tons of CBD companies out there doing business. Some are great, and some are not so great.

We want the public to be able to discern the difference for themselves.

Honestly, whether you buy 406 CBD’s products or not, isn’t our first goal. We are on a mission to bring natural health to the masses. We look forward to the day that CBD is as common as bar soap and in every store in the country. And, just like soap, we will all have our favorite type and brand for specific and personal reasons. Being able to find that product that is the right fit for you is the goal.

The CBD industry is new and mostly unregulated. Labeling and terminology are all over the place making it harder than ever for consumers to decipher what they are getting in their products. Check out our glossary of CBD terms and definitions here.

Here is a list of ingredients to watch for in CBD products that show a complete ignorance or disregard of health and nutrition on the companies part. Many of these ingredients are used to cover up the bitter flavor and smell of low-quality hemp extracts.

  • Hydrogenated vegetable oil

  • Sucralose

  • Aspartame

  • FD&C Red 40

  • Yellow 5

  • Yellow 6

  • Blue 1

  • Artificial flavors

  • Parabens

  • Fragrance

  • Monosodium glutamate

Here are 9 CBD company operational red flags to watch out for:

  1. Lack of QR code on the label

  2. Lack of 3rd party lab tests made public

  3. Lack of ingredient lists

  4. No specific amount of CBD listed on the label

  5. No customer support phone number

  6. Lack of timely replies via email or phone to inquiries

  7. No quality and freshness seals on packaging

  8. Lack of batch and lot numbers on labeling

  9. Facebook videos of them bottling the CBD products up in their home kitchen. (I can’t make this stuff up!)

For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Now that you know why ingredients matter and how to spot a lame CBD company from 50 paces, we are going to talk about how to get back in the saddle of life in our next blog!

Until then, let us know in the comments some of the best and/or worst ingredients you have found in CBD products!

Love & Light

Heidi The Hempress

To purchase all-natural, organic, THC-free CBD go to the 406 Shop!

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Artificial Strawberry Flavor was in a bitter CBD tincture I tried once. Blech!

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