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Earth Day Flash Sale

In celebration of Earth Day we are excited to announce a 24 hour FLASH SALE with a deep discount of 30% off of everything!

We love our Mother Earth and celebrate her everyday. We are committed to using sustainable hemp extraction methods, reusable and non-toxic packaging, and all natural ingredients.

Ous CBD is extracted with the supercritical CO2 method with is clean and safe for the environment and creates a higher quality product than solvent methods.

We also utilize eco-conscious glass packaging and minimize waste. Until we can reliably source non-toxic, non-petroleum based plastics we will be using reusable, recyclable, beautiful, glass packaging.

Our ingredients are carefully sourced and organically grown. We start with USDA certified organic hemp grown here in the USA. We then take great care selecting all our other ingredients to be sure they are not only good for the body but good for the Earth as well.

Join us in celebrating our life-giving Earth by enjoying 30% off of your entire order at

Sale ends 11:00 AM MST 4-22-19.

-Peace, Heidi the Hempress

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