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Don't give up!

So, this is the time of year where 85% of us lose track of our New Year's Resolutions! Whether it is to do 20 push-ups every morning or to snowshoe 2 miles every day, don't give up!

Sure, life can get in the way...a pet dies, kids have field trips that they forgot to tell you about, people are mad at you on Facebook because you liked the Super Bowl half-time show...or maybe that is just me. Anyhoo, don't let daily life struggles distract you from important goals.

Without your health, it will be that much harder to handle the tough weeks. I am here to remind you that YOU MATTER. Your goals matter. Your health matters. If you are sore, missed a few days, feeling anxious, feeling uninspired, try some CBD products and get back to it! I am not giving up on you so you better not give up on yourself!

Love and Light,

Heidi the Hempress

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