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10 Ways to Use CBD Drops

Our CBD Drops are extremely versatile so we wanted to share some of the ways that they can be used. But first, a little bit about our CBD Drops:

100% pure organic hemp-derived, Nano-Emulsified CBD in a base of MCT oil (fractionated coconut oil, AKA, brain food).

This CBD is 80% more bioavailable than other CBD products on the market and contains ZERO THC! All the Health without the High!

This product is vegan, 3rd party lab-tested, C02 extracted, kosher, made in the USA, organically grown, nano-amplified and manufactured in a GMP compliant facility.

This product contains no additives, no THC, no gluten, no fillers, no preservatives, no colors, GMO's, or any other gross stuff, not tested on animals, aaand, comes in eco-friendly glass packaging. Whew! We want nothing but the best for you, Boo!

Natural Flavor Tincture Ingredients: Hemp-extracted Nano-amplified CBD, MCT Oil.

Peppermint Flavor Tincture Ingredients: Hemp-extracted Nano-amplified Organic CBD, Organic MCT Oil, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil.


10 Ways to Use CBD Drops:

  1. Take them sublingual! (That means drops under the tongue.) Drop the desired amount under the tongue and hold for 10-30 seconds before swallowing. The CBD is absorbed through the glands under your tongue and the rest is absorbed in the digestive system. This is the best way to get CBD goodness to all your body's cells.

  2. Apply topically to the skin. This is a very effective way to relieve pain due to menstrual cramps, muscle soreness, and achiness.

  3. Add the drops to your coffee, tea, or smoothie, for an extra nutritional boost!

  4. Add CBD drops to recipes such as cupcake frosting, salad dressing, or BBQ sauce for an extra stress-relieving treat.

  5. Apply to temples, forehead, and neck, for headache relief.

  6. Swish in mouth for sore gums or toothache pain. (My son does this after the orthodontist tightens his braces once a month.)

  7. Make your own bath and skincare products! Take any bath bomb, bath salt, body scrub, serum, or salve recipe you would like to try and add some CBD tincture drops as part of the recipe's oils for an added anti-inflammatory skin treat.

  8. Utilize the Natural CBD Drops as a sexual lubricant. It will help with dryness and painful intercourse. (Don't use oil-based lubricants in conjunction with prophylactics.)

  9. Create a CBD infused cocktail for a fun party with a high-end signature drink!

  10. Apply the Natural CBD Drops directly to your pet's itchy skin, bug bites, or "hot spots" to quell the inflammation and irritation.

What are some of the ways you use CBD Tincture Drops? Share in the comments below!

Love & Light

Heidi the Hempress

To purchase all-natural, organic, THC-free CBD go to the 406 Shop!



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