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10 Ways to Celebrate Mom Without Breaking the Bank!

With Mother's Day is just around the corner, now is a great time to make sure you have a creative way to let her know just how much she is appreciated.

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I was reminded recently just how important it is to let people know that you appreciate them. I have a personal planner that I use that has a reminder to pick someone everyday to lift up with a personal message, note, or gift. Not only does it add a note of positivity to their day by mine as well. It is a wonderful daily practice.

Studies show that people who feel appreciated report higher feelings of life satisfaction, work harder, and are more focused because they have less negative thought patterns draining their energy. The interesting thing is the feelings of appreciation were not affected by the monetary value of the gesture. That means you don't have to spend a lot (or anything for that matter) to make Mom feel loved.

Let's make gratitude and appreciation a habit! Luckily, while we are working on that, we have a few holidays that help remind us to show the love. Mother's Day is one of them.

10 Ways to Show Love and Gratitude for Mom:

1. Pick her some wild flowers. (Or buy some from a florist)

2. Write her a note. Just a few words can mean the world. This can be much more meaningful than a store bought card.

3. Sing her a song or send her a YouTube video of a song that reminds you of her.

4. Give her a back rub. (Or buy her a gift certificate for a massage)

5. Surprise her with a nice dinner, coffee, or dessert that you made or bought just for her.

6. Have her dress up and do a photo shoot with her and your smartphone. (Or hire a professional photographer)

7. Take her for a drive to a place she's never been to before.

8. Set up a spa experience at home by lighting some candles, playing soft music, and drawing her a hot bath. Use a CBD bath bomb to an amazing and relaxing experience.

9. Write her a letter letting her know how much she means to you and what some of your best memories of her are. I guarantee she will keep that letter forever.

10. Go for a walk together. This is a great time to talk and get out there and enjoy this beautiful country and spring weather.

Save 15% on CBD Products by using the coupon code MOM now through May 12th.

To all the mothers out there: You're amazing!

Happy Mother's Day!

Heidi the Hempress

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