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About Us


Heidi Tungesvick, CEO

A fourth-generation Montanan, Heidi earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Colorado where she studied Interior Design.

As a herbalist, writer, aromatherapist, and reiki master, Heidi has published a book, multiple articles, and worked with hundreds of clients to cultivate physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Upon learning about the adaptogenic and anti-inflammatory effects of hemp and CBD, she knew she had to offer this amazing plant to her clients.

Dissatisfied with many of the emerging CBD products on the market, Heidi, along with her husband Dan, decided to start 406 CBD. A Montana hemp company offering all-natural CBD products.

Living in Montana with her family, Heidi can be found hiking, reading, and doing yoga. As a multi-passionate creative, she loves design, nature, animals, and learning new things.

A born and raised Minnesotan, Dan earned his Diploma in Business Management and Associates Degree in Information Technology and Networking.


With 25 years of sales experience and 10 years of business management under his belt Dan founded Liberty PCS in 2014 where he and his sales team bring technology solutions to the education market to this day.

In 2019 Dan and his wife Heidi created 406 CBD. A Montana hemp company offering all-natural CBD products.

Dan and his family live in Central Montana where he loves to cook, fish, and ski. He also enjoys golf, woodworking, hard rock, and his pets. A true renaissance man, Dan can fix a truck, design a house, and play the guitar.

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Dan Tungesvick, CFO

Our Mission:

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Our mission is to bring high-quality natural hemp-derived products and education to the outdoor enthusiasts of Montana and beyond. 

Our Promise:

We promise to operate with transparency and integrity in order to cultivate the best plants, products, and customers on the planet. 

Our Motto:

Grab life by the plant!

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