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Grab life by the plant!

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Join the health revolution with our 100% pure CBD (Cannabidiol) derived from certified organic hemp. 

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A Montana Company

We are a family-owned company located in the heart of Montana that is excited to bring you the highest quality, hemp CBD products in the world! We are passionate about Hemp, Health, and Liberty. Join the Health Revolution!

Providing a Premium Product

406 CBD is proud to provide only the highest quality CBD products. 

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Zero % THC

All of the relaxation without any of the intoxication. Our CBD is extracted from plants that contain little to no THC, to begin with. It is then gently refined and tested to ensure that our final product has 0% THC. Period. 

Sourcing & Extraction are Key

Our CBD is extracted from industrial and certified organic hemp which is grown right here on American soil using very strict agricultural standards prohibiting GMO's, pesticides, and poisons.


We use the supercritical CO2 extraction method, which creates a product safe for consumption and safe for the environment. This also helps keep temps low enough to preserve the quality of our CBD.

Nano-Amplification for Greater Efficiency

We continue with our meticulous process until we've removed all the impurities, to get 100% pure cannabinoids, with NANO-AMPLIFICATION technology, for amazing bio-availability.


That means that a 500 mg bottle of OUR CBD is more valuable to you, as far as how well your body utilizes it, than a 5,000 mg bottle of another company's product.


Uncompromising Integrity

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